Accredited Commercial Professional Course and Designation

Earning an ACP Designation Equals MORE MONEY!

List and Sell Commercial Real Estate

Real Estate agents with professional designations have a distinct competitive advantage over their non-designated peers because of increased expertise and marketability. Based on 2010 survey data from the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR), the median income of REALTORS® with at least one designation was 43% more than the median income of those without a designation.

The ACP course is designed for:

  • Residential Agents interested in transitioning to Commercial
  • Beginning Commercial Practitioners
  • Experienced Commercial Practitioners wanting a good refresher and resource

The purpose of this commercial real estate training course – How to Successfully List & Sell Commercial Real Estate – is to earn you an Accredited Commercial Professional (ACP)™ designation. The ACP course provides you with the fundamental commercial real estate terminology and essential intellectual resources needed by new and transitioning residential agents. This information will assist agents in working knowledgeably and professionally with commercial real estate brokers, agents, managers, sellers, buyers and leasing clients.

The median income of REALTORS® with at least one designation was 43% more than the median income of those without a designation.

To make MORE MONEY, the ACP course shows you:

  • How to estimate value using recognized approaches and valuation techniques
  • How to create listing presentations to get sellable listings
  • How to use the Internet (social media) and traditional marketing media
  • How to properly evaluate property for buyers
  • How to conduct due diligence for buyers
  • And more!

Increase Client and Self Confidence with an ACP Designation!

Accredited Commercial Professional

When you sign up for and complete the “How to Successfully List and Sell Commercial Real Estate” course, you will receive the esteemed designation of Accredited Commercial Professional (ACP)™. Once you complete the course and pass the exam, you can proudly attach the ACP™ designation to the end of your name on business cards and other professional correspondence material.

Top Five Reasons to Earn the ACP Designation:

  • Get More Listings – Studies have shown that when searching for an agent or broker, sellers will seek out those who have demonstrated proficiency in a particular knowledge area. By adding an ACP designation to your resume, you will increase your visibility when potential clients come looking for representation.
  • Increase Client Confidence – When potential clients come calling, you can prove to them that you are the person for the job. The ACP course and designation will give you the knowledge and vocabulary necessary to talk with clients at a professional level. With the knowledge you gain from the ACP course, you will leave your clients with confidence that you will get the job done and get it done right.
  • Increase Self Confidence – Boost your self-esteem and confidence when talking to buyers, sellers and other agents. Know that you will have the knowledge and ability necessary to talk about commercial real estate transactions with courage and determination.
  • Gain Peer Acceptance – Demonstrate to other commercial real estate professionals that you have the ability to compete in the space. Show other residential real estate agents that you are the person in the office/area that needs the commercial leads as they com in.
  • Make More Money – All of the above reasons combine to form the most important reason to take the Accredited Commercial Professional course: Make More MONEY!

This professionally recognized designation will show your current and prospective clients that you have demonstrated professional competence in the major areas of listing and selling commercial real estate. Increase your client confidence, increase your confidence and increase your earning potential by signing up for the ACP Designation Course today!